Clitoris meaning in Bengali: যোনিমুখী (noun, /jōnimukhī/), যোনিমুখ (noun, /jōnimukh/), যোনিমুখের মুখ (noun, /jōnimukhēra mukh/)

Definition of Clitoris

The clitoris is a small, sensitive organ located at the top of the vulva, above the urethra. It is a part of the female reproductive system and plays a crucial role in sexual pleasure. The clitoris contains thousands of nerve endings and is highly sensitive to touch and stimulation.

Synonyms of Clitoris

  • Vulva meaning in Bengali – যোনিপিণ্ড (noun)
  • Genitals meaning in Bengali – যোনিপিণ্ড (noun)
  • Intimate meaning in Bengali – যোনিপিণ্ড (adjective)
  • Private meaning in Bengali – ব্যক্তিগত (adjective)

Antonyms of Clitoris

  • Penis meaning in Bengali – লিঙ্গ (noun)
  • Phallus meaning in Bengali – লিঙ্গ (noun)

Origin of Clitoris

The word “clitoris” is derived from the Greek word “kleitoris,” meaning “little hill.” It was first used in English in the mid-17th century.

Nearby Words

  • Vagina (noun) – যোনি
  • Labia (noun) – যোনিপটল
  • G-spot (noun) – জি-স্থান
  • Orgasm (noun) – যৌনসঙ্গমের সময় উত্কৃষ্ট আনন্দ

Clitoris in Literature Quotes

“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.” – Eve Ensler (যোনিমুখ শুধুমাত্র উদ্দেশ্যের জন্য পরিকল্পিত। এটি শরীরের একমাত্র অঙ্গ যা শুধুমাত্র আনন্দের জন্য নির্মিত।)

“The clitoris is the only organ in the human body that exists solely for pleasure.” – Betty Dodson (যোনিমুখ মানুষের শরীরে একমাত্র অঙ্গ যা শুধুমাত্র আনন্দের জন্য বিদ্যমান।)

Clitoris Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: যোনিমুখী
  • Hindi: योनिमुख
  • Nepali: योनिमुख
  • Urdu: یونانی
  • Tamil: கருப்புத் துண்டு
  • Telugu: యోనిముఖం
  • Arabic: البظر
  • Chinese: 阴蒂
  • Japanese: クリトリス
  • Russian: клитор

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