Cloaks meaning in Bengali: আচ্ছাদন (noun), আচ্ছাদন করা (verb), আচ্ছাদনের জন্য ব্যবহৃত পরিধান (noun)

Definition of Cloaks

(noun, verb) Cloaks are a type of loose outer garment that is worn over other clothing to keep warm or to protect oneself from the weather. It can also refer to the act of concealing or disguising something.

Synonyms of Cloaks

Antonyms of Cloaks

  • Reveal meaning in Bengali: প্রকাশ করা
  • Show meaning in Bengali: দেখান
  • Expose meaning in Bengali: প্রকাশ করা

Origin of Cloaks

The word “cloaks” originated from the Old North French word “cloque,” meaning a bell-shaped cloak. It entered the English language in the 13th century.

Nearby Words

  • Coat (noun)
  • Jacket (noun)
  • Robe (noun)
  • Shawl (noun)

Cloaks in Literature Quotes

“She wore a cloak of darkness to hide her true intentions.” – John Smith (তিনি তার সত্যিকারের পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে একটি অন্ধকারের আচ্ছাদন পরিধান করেছিলেন।)

“The cloak of invisibility made him disappear from sight.” – Jane Doe (অদৃশ্যতার আচ্ছাদন তাকে দৃশ্য থেকে অদৃশ্য করে দিলো।)

Cloaks Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: আচ্ছাদন
  • Hindi: आच्छादन
  • Nepali: आच्छादन
  • Urdu: آچھال
  • Tamil: ஆச்சாடு
  • Telugu: ఆచ్చాడు
  • Arabic: عباءة
  • Chinese: 斗篷
  • Japanese: クローク
  • Russian: плащ

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