Clobbers Meaning in Bengali: ক্লবারস, মারা, পিটা, পাঠানো (noun, verb, pronunciation: /ˈklɒbərz/)

Definition: Clobbers refer to a plural noun that means a heavy blow or a beating. As a verb, it means to hit someone or something forcefully.

Synonyms of Clobbers:
1. Thrash – পিটানো (For more – Thrash meaning in Bengali)
2. Beat – পিটিয়ে মারা (For more – Beat meaning in Bengali)
3. Pound – পাউন্ড (For more – Pound meaning in Bengali)
4. Strike – আঘাত করা (For more – Strike meaning in Bengali)
5. Assault – হামলা (For more – Assault meaning in Bengali)

Antonyms of Clobbers:
1. Protect – রক্ষা করা
2. Defend – প্রতিরক্ষা করা

Origin of Clobbers:
The word “clobbers” originated from the Middle English word “clabber,” which means a heavy blow or a beating.

Nearby Words:
1. Club – noun (ক্লাব)
2. Clout – noun (ক্লাউট)
3. Clump – noun (ক্লাম্প)
4. Clamor – noun (ক্ল্যামর)
5. Clam – noun (ক্ল্যাম)

Clobbers in Literature Quotes with Bengali Meaning:
1. “He clobbers the ball out of the park.” – Mark Twain (তিনি বলটি পার্কের বাইরে মারেন)
2. “She clobbers her opponents in every match.” – J.K. Rowling (তিনি প্রতিযোগীদের প্রতিযোগিতায় পিটান)

Clobbers Meaning in Different Languages:
– Bengali: ক্লবারস
– Hindi: पीटना
– Nepali: पिटाउनु
– Urdu: مارنا
– Tamil: அடிக்குதல்
– Telugu: బడించు
– Arabic: يضرب بقوة
– Chinese: 痛打
– Japanese: 殴打する
– Russian: избивать

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