Cloister Meaning in Bengali: মন্দির, মন্দিরের আবারণ, মন্দিরের প্রাংশ (noun, pronunciation: kloi-ster)

Definition of Cloister

A cloister refers to a covered walkway, typically with a wall on one side and a colonnade on the other, that surrounds or is part of a courtyard or monastery. It is a secluded place where individuals can find peace and solitude.

Cloister Synonyms

Cloister Antonyms

  • Open: খোলা (khola)
  • Expose: প্রকাশ করা (prokash kora)

Origin of Cloister

The word “cloister” originated from the Old French word “cloistre,” which came from the Latin word “claustrum,” meaning “enclosure” or “lock.” It entered the English language in the 13th century.

Nearby Words

  • Monastery: noun – মন্দির (mondir)
  • Courtyard: noun – আঙ্গন (angon)
  • Secluded: adjective – বিচ্ছিন্ন (bichchhinno)

Cloister in Literature Quotes

  • “The cloistered virtue of a nun.” – Alexander Pope (একটি বিশ্রামকে সংক্রান্ত একটি নন এর মন্দিরের গুণগত মর্যাদা।)
  • “The cloistered life of a writer.” – Virginia Woolf (একটি লেখকের মন্দিরের জীবন।)

Cloister Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: মন্দির
  • Hindi: मठ (math)
  • Nepali: मठ (math)
  • Urdu: متھ (math)
  • Tamil: மதம் (matham)
  • Telugu: మఠం (matham)
  • Arabic: دير (deer)
  • Chinese: 修道院 (xiūdàoyuàn)
  • Japanese: 修道院 (shūdōin)
  • Russian: монастырь (monastyr’)

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