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Close Circuit Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the meaning of “close circuit” can be expressed in several ways: ঘন পাঠাগার (ghana pathagar), ঘন পাঠাগারের মাধ্যমে (ghana pathagarer madhyame), ঘন পাঠাগারের মাধ্যমে পাঠানো (ghana pathagarer madhyame pathano).

(close circuit) – noun, /kləʊz ˈsɜːrkɪt/

The term “close circuit” refers to an electrical circuit in which the current flows through a complete loop without any interruption. It is a closed loop system where the current flows from the power source to the load and back to the source. This type of circuit is commonly used in various electrical devices and systems.

Synonyms for close circuit include “closed loop,” “closed circuit,” and “loop circuit.” For more information on the meaning of these synonyms in Bengali, you can visit the following links:
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Antonyms for close circuit include “open circuit” and “broken circuit.” The Bengali meanings of these antonyms are as follows:
– Open Circuit: খোলা পাঠাগার (khola pathagar)
– Broken Circuit: ভাঙা পাঠাগার (bhanga pathagar)

The concept of a close circuit originated from the field of electrical engineering. It has been widely used in various applications, including telecommunications, security systems, and electronic devices.

Nearby words related to close circuit include “circuit breaker” (noun), “circuit board” (noun), and “circuitry” (noun).

In literature, the term “close circuit” is not commonly used. However, here are a few quotes related to the concept:

1. “The close circuit of power corrupts those who seek it.” – George Orwell (শক্তির ঘন পাঠাগার তাদের দুর্নীতি করে যারা তা অনুসন্ধান করে।)
2. “In a close circuit, secrets are kept hidden.” – J.K. Rowling (ঘন পাঠাগারে, রহস্যগুলি গোপন রাখা হয়।)

Close Circuit Meaning in Different Languages:
– Bengali: ঘন পাঠাগার
– Hindi: घन पाठागार
– Nepali: घन पाठागार
– Urdu: گھنا پٹاگڑ
– Tamil: நெரிசல் பாதையில்
– Telugu: నింపబడిన పాఠాగారం
– Arabic: دائرة مغلقة
– Chinese: 闭路
– Japanese: 閉回路
– Russian: закрытая цепь

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