Coal-pit meaning in Bengali: কয়লা-খানা (noun), কয়লা-খানায় (adverb), কয়লা-খানার (adjective)

Definition and Synonyms

Coal-pit (noun, /ˈkoʊl pɪt/): a mine or excavation in the earth from which coal is taken.

Synonyms for coal-pit:


Antonyms for coal-pit:

  • Coalfield – কয়লা খানার এলাকা
  • Coal mine – কয়লা খনি
  • Colliery – কয়লা খনি
  • Coal seam – কয়লা পাত


The term “coal-pit” originated from the combination of the words “coal” and “pit.” It refers to a mine or excavation where coal is extracted.

Nearby Words

  • Coal – noun
  • Pit – noun
  • Mine – noun
  • Excavation – noun

Coal-pit in Literature Quotes

“The coal-pit was dark and dangerous.” – John Smith (কয়লা-খানাটি অন্ধকার এবং বিপজ্জনক ছিল।)

“She worked in the coal-pit to support her family.” – Jane Doe (তিনি তার পরিবারের সমর্থনে কয়লা-খানায় কাজ করেন।)

Coal-pit Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: কয়লা-খানা
  • Hindi: कोयला-खदान
  • Nepali: कोल-खदान
  • Urdu: کوئلہ-گڑھ
  • Tamil: கரும்பு-குழியம்
  • Telugu: కోల్-గడి
  • Arabic: منجم الفحم
  • Chinese: 煤矿
  • Japanese: 炭坑
  • Russian: угольная шахта

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