Coalmines meaning in Bengali: কয়লা খান (noun, kôẏalā khāna), কয়লা খননস্থল (noun, kôẏalā khonanasthala), কয়লা খননকেন্দ্র (noun, kôẏalā khonanakēndra)

Definition and Synonyms

Coalmines (noun, /ˈkoʊl.maɪnz/) refer to underground or open-pit mines where coal is extracted from the earth. These mines are crucial for the production of coal, which is a fossil fuel used for various purposes.

Synonyms for coalmines include:

Antonyms for coalmines include:

  • Surface meaning in Bengali: পৃষ্ঠ
  • Ground meaning in Bengali: মাটি

Origin and Nearby Words

The word “coalmines” originated from the combination of “coal” and “mines.” Nearby words related to coalmines include:

  • Coal (noun) meaning in Bengali: কয়লা
  • Mine (verb) meaning in Bengali: খনন করা
  • Miner (noun) meaning in Bengali: খনিক
  • Coalfield (noun) meaning in Bengali: কয়লা খাননস্থল

Coalmines in Literature Quotes

“The coalmines are dark and dangerous,” said John Smith. (কয়লা খানগুলি অন্ধকার এবং বিপজ্জনক, বলেছেন জন স্মিথ)

“In the depths of the coalmines, hope flickers like a tiny flame,” wrote Jane Doe. (কয়লা খানের গভীরতায়, আশার আলো একটি ছোট্ট জ্বলন্ত আলোর মতো হয়)

Coalmines Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: কয়লা খান, Hindi: कोयला खदान, Nepali: कोलमाइन्स, Urdu: کوئلہ کان, Tamil: கன்னிமாலைகள், Telugu: కోల్ మైన్స్, Arabic: مناجم الفحم, Chinese: 煤矿, Japanese: 炭鉱, Russian: угольные шахты

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