coconut tree

Coconut Tree Meaning in Bengali: নারিকেল গাছ (noun, nārikēla gācha), নারিকেল গাছের মানে (noun, nārikēla gāchēra mānē)

Definition and Synonyms

Coconut tree (noun, /ˈkəʊkənʌt triː/) refers to a tall palm tree that grows in tropical regions and produces coconuts. It is known for its versatility and various uses in different cultures.

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Antonyms for coconut tree include:

  • Barren tree – বন্ধ গাছের মানে
  • Lifeless tree – নিঃজীব গাছের মানে
  • Non-fruitful tree – ফলহীন গাছের মানে


The coconut tree is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and is now found in tropical regions worldwide.

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Coconut Tree in Literature Quotes

“The coconut tree does not sway unless there is wind.” – Rabindranath Tagore (যদি বাতাস না হয় তবে নারিকেল গাছ না ঝুলে।)

Coconut Tree Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: নারিকেল গাছ

Hindi: नारियल का पेड़

Nepali: नारिकेल को रूख

Urdu: ناریل کا درخت

Tamil: தெங்காய் மரம்

Telugu: కొబ్బరి చెట్టు

Arabic: شجرة جوز الهند

Chinese: 椰子树

Japanese: ココナッツの木

Russian: кокосовое дерево

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