Coffin Meaning in Bengali: কফিন, মৃতদেহের সংগ্রহস্থল (noun, kôphin, mritodeher sangrôhosthol)

Definition and Synonyms of Coffin

Coffin is a noun that refers to a box or container in which a dead body is placed for burial or cremation. It is pronounced as “kôphin”.

Synonyms of coffin include casket, sarcophagus, burial box, funerary box, and death box. For more, you can find the meaning of casket in Bengali, sarcophagus in Bengali, burial box in Bengali, funerary box in Bengali, and death box in Bengali.

Antonyms of Coffin

The antonyms of coffin in Bengali are জীবিত ব্যক্তির সংগ্রহস্থল (living person’s container) and জীবিত ব্যক্তির সংগ্রহস্থলে মৃত দেহ রাখা হয় না (dead body is not placed in a living person’s container).

Origin and Nearby Words

The word “coffin” originated from the Old French word “cofin” and Latin word “cophinus” meaning “basket”. Nearby words of coffin include grave, tomb, hearse, burial, cemetery, and mortuary. These words are nouns.

Coffin in Literature Quotes

“The coffin was covered with flowers.” – William Shakespeare (কফিনটি ফুলের সাথে আচ্ছাদিত ছিল।)

“He lay in a coffin, his face pale and peaceful.” – Edgar Allan Poe (তিনি একটি কফিনে শুয়ে ছিলেন, তাঁর মুখ হালকা এবং শান্ত।)

Coffin Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: কফিন, Hindi: अंतिम आवास, Nepali: अन्तिम आवास, Urdu: کافن, Tamil: கப்பல், Telugu: కాఫన్, Arabic: تابوت, Chinese: 棺材, Japanese: 棺, Russian: гроб

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