Cogitating Meaning in Bengali (চিন্তা করা, বিচার করা, বিচার করা, বিচার করা) (verb, kɒdʒɪteɪtɪŋ): The act of thinking deeply or pondering over something.

Synonyms for cogitating include contemplating, meditating, musing, reflecting, and pondering. For more, contemplate meaning in Bengali.

Antonyms for cogitating include ignoring and neglecting. For more, ignore meaning in Bengali and neglect meaning in Bengali.

The word “cogitating” originated from the Latin word “cogitatus,” which means “to think.”

Nearby words for cogitating: cogitation (noun), cogitative (adjective), cogitator (noun).

In literature, cogitating is often portrayed through quotes like “I think, therefore I am” by René Descartes (আমি চিন্তা করি, সুতরাং আমি আছি).

Cogitating Meaning in different languages:
– Bengali: চিন্তা করা
– Hindi: विचार करना
– Nepali: विचार गर्नु
– Urdu: سوچنا
– Tamil: சிந்திக்கும்
– Telugu: ఆలోచించుట
– Arabic: التفكير
– Chinese: 思考
– Japanese: 考える
– Russian: размышлять

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