Cohabitation Meaning in Bengali: সহবাস (noun, /sohobash/), সহবাস করা (verb, /sohobash kora/), সহবাস করা (verb, /sohobash kora/), সহবাস করা (verb, /sohobash kora/)

Definition of Cohabitation

(noun, /koʊˌhæbɪˈteɪʃən/)

Cohabitation refers to the act of living together and having a sexual relationship without being married. It is a form of domestic partnership where two individuals share a common living space and engage in a committed relationship.

Cohabitation Synonyms

Antonyms of Cohabitation

  • Marriage – বিবাহ (noun)
  • Wedlock – বিবাহ (noun)

Origin of Cohabitation

The word “cohabitation” originated from the Latin word “cohabitare,” which means “to live together.”

Nearby Words

  • Coherence – (noun)
  • Cohesion – (noun)
  • Cohesive – (adjective)
  • Cohere – (verb)

Cohabitation in Literature Quotes

“Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” – Osho (ভালোবাসা অধিগ্রহণের কথা নয়। ভালোবাসা সম্পর্কে প্রশংসা করা হয়।)

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin (একটি সফল বিবাহের জন্য অনেক বার ভালোবাসা হয়, সর্বদা একই ব্যক্তিতে।)

Cohabitation Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: সহবাস
  • Hindi: सहवास
  • Nepali: सहवास
  • Urdu: سہوبت
  • Tamil: ஒரே வீட்டில் வாழ்வது
  • Telugu: ఒకే గృహంలో ఉండటం
  • Arabic: التعايش
  • Chinese: 同居
  • Japanese: 同棲
  • Russian: Сожительство

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