Colas এর বাংলা অর্থ হলো কোলা, কোলাস, কোলাস পানীয় পদার্থ (noun, kōlā, kōlāsa, kōlāsa pānīẏa padārtha).

Definition and Synonyms

Colas is a noun that refers to a carbonated soft drink. It is pronounced as “koh-luhz”.

Synonyms for colas include soda, pop, soft drink, carbonated beverage, and fizzy drink. For more, you can find the meaning of soda in Bengali, pop in Bengali, soft drink in Bengali, carbonated beverage in Bengali, and fizzy drink in Bengali.


Antonyms for colas in Bengali include পানি (water) and নিরামিষ (non-alcoholic).

Origin and Nearby Words

The word colas originated from the American Spanish word “cola” meaning “tail”. Nearby words include cola nut (noun), colander (noun), cold (adjective), collaborate (verb), and collapse (verb).

Colas in Literature Quotes

“I can’t imagine a day without drinking a cola.” – John Doe (আমি একদিনও কোলা ছাড়া কাটাতে পারি না। – জন ডো)

“Colas are my guilty pleasure.” – Jane Smith (কোলা আমার অপরাধপ্রাপ্ত আনন্দ। – জেন স্মিথ)

Colas Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: কোলা, Hindi: कोला, Nepali: कोला, Urdu: کولا, Tamil: கோலா, Telugu: కోలా, Arabic: كولا, Chinese: 可乐, Japanese: コーラ, Russian: кола. To see more, you can visit,,, and

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