cold storage

Cold Storage Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the meaning of cold storage can be expressed in several ways: ঠাণ্ডা সংরক্ষণ (thanda sôngrokkhon), শীতল সংরক্ষণ (shital sôngrokkhon), ঠাণ্ডা স্টোরেজ (thanda storage), শীতল স্টোরেজ (shital storage).

Part of Speech & Pronunciation

The part of speech for cold storage is a noun. The pronunciation is /kōld ˈstôrij/.

Definition of Cold Storage

Cold storage refers to the process of preserving perishable items, such as food or pharmaceuticals, at low temperatures to extend their shelf life. It involves storing these items in specialized facilities equipped with temperature-controlled environments.

Cold Storage Synonyms

1. Refrigeration – শীতলকরণ (refrigeration meaning in Bengali)
2. Freezing – হিমায়ন (freezing meaning in Bengali)
3. Chilling – ঠাণ্ডা (chilling meaning in Bengali)
4. Preservation – সংরক্ষণ (preservation meaning in Bengali)


1. Heat – তাপ (heat meaning in Bengali)
2. Warmth – তাপমাত্রা (warmth meaning in Bengali)

Origin of Cold Storage

The concept of cold storage dates back to ancient civilizations, where people used natural ice and underground chambers to preserve food. The modern cold storage industry emerged in the 19th century with the invention of mechanical refrigeration.

Nearby Words

1. Freezer – Noun (freezer meaning in Bengali)
2. Refrigerator – Noun (refrigerator meaning in Bengali)
3. Icebox – Noun (icebox meaning in Bengali)
4. Warehouse – Noun (warehouse meaning in Bengali)

Cold Storage in Literature Quotes

“Cold storage for books also means cold storage for people.” – Ray Bradbury (বইগুলির জন্য ঠাণ্ডা সংরক্ষণ মানেই মানুষের জন্য ঠাণ্ডা সংরক্ষণ।)

Cold Storage Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: ঠাণ্ডা সংরক্ষণ, Hindi: ठंडी संग्रहण, Nepali: ठंडी भण्डारण, Urdu: ٹھنڈا ذخیرہ, Tamil: குளியல் சேமிப்பு, Telugu: శీతాల నిల్వ, Arabic: تخزين بارد, Chinese: 冷藏, Japanese: 冷蔵, Russian: холодильное хранение

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