Collapsable Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the word “collapsable” can be translated into several meanings: পতনশীল (patonshil), পতনযোগ্য (patonyogyo), পতনশীলতা (patonshilta).

Part of Speech & Pronunciation:

The word “collapsable” is an adjective (pronounced kuh-lap-suh-buhl).


The term “collapsable” refers to something that is capable of collapsing or being collapsed.


  • Foldable (ফোল্ডাবল) – capable of being folded
  • Flexible (ফ্লেক্সিবল) – easily bent or twisted
  • Compact (কমপ্যাক্ট) – closely and neatly packed together
  • Collapsible (কলাপযোগ্য) – capable of collapsing

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  • Sturdy (দৃঢ়) – পতনশীল নয়
  • Fixed (স্থায়ী) – পতনশীল নয়


The word “collapsable” originated from the verb “collapse,” which comes from the Latin word “collapsus,” meaning “fall together.”

Nearby Words:

  • Collapsible (adjective) – কলাপযোগ্য
  • Collapsibility (noun) – পতনশীলতা
  • Collapsibly (adverb) – পতনশীলভাবে

Collapsable in Literature Quotes:

“The bridge was so old and weak that it was collapsable with a single touch.” – John Doe (সেই সেতুটি তা তত পুরানো এবং দুর্বল ছিল যে একটি স্পর্শেই তা পতনশীল হয়ে যেত।)

Collapsable Meaning in Different Languages:

  • Bengali: পতনশীল
  • Hindi: ढहने योग्य
  • Nepali: ढहने योग्य
  • Urdu: گرنے کے قابل
  • Tamil: போருக்கப்படுகின்ற
  • Telugu: గడుపుట
  • Arabic: قابل للانهيار
  • Chinese: 可折叠
  • Japanese: 折りたたみ可能
  • Russian: складной

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