Collarbone Meaning in Bengali: কলারবোন (noun, *kôlārbōn*), কলার হাড় (noun, *kôlār hāṛ*), কলার বোন (noun, *kôlār bōn*)

The collarbone, also known as the clavicle, is a long bone that connects the shoulder blade to the breastbone. It is located horizontally above the first rib and acts as a strut to keep the shoulder in place. The collarbone is an important bone in the human body as it helps in the movement and stability of the shoulder joint.

Synonyms for collarbone include clavicle, shoulder bone, and collar bone. For more information on the meaning of these synonyms in Bengali, you can visit the following links: [clavicle meaning in Bengali](, [shoulder bone meaning in Bengali](, [collar bone meaning in Bengali](

Antonyms for collarbone include backbone and spine. In Bengali, the antonyms would be মেরুদণ্ড (*merudando*) and রেখাপথ (*rekhapath*).

The collarbone has its origin from the Latin word “clavicula,” which means “little key.” This is because the shape of the bone resembles a key.

Nearby words related to collarbone include shoulder, chest, bone, joint, and shoulder blade. These words are nouns and provide context to the collarbone.

In literature, the collarbone is often mentioned in various quotes. For example, the famous writer Oscar Wilde once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” In Bengali, this quote would be translated as “আত্মকে ভালবাসা করা হলো একটি জীবনকালীন প্রেমের শুরু.”

Collarbone Meaning in different languages:
– Bengali: কলারবোন
– Hindi: कॉलरबोन
– Nepali: कलरबोन
– Urdu: کالربون
– Tamil: காலர்போன்
– Telugu: కాలర్బోన్
– Arabic: عظمة الترقوة
– Chinese: 锁骨
– Japanese: 鎖骨
– Russian: ключица

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