collateral evidence

Collateral Evidence Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, collateral evidence can be translated as সম্পর্কিত প্রমাণ (somporkito proman), সহকারী প্রমাণ (sahokari proman), or সহকারী তথ্য (sahokari tathya).

Part of Speech & Pronunciation

The part of speech for collateral evidence is noun. It is pronounced as /kəˈlætərəl ˈɛvɪdəns/.

Definition of Collateral Evidence

Collateral evidence refers to any evidence that is indirectly related to the main issue or fact being discussed. It is evidence that supports or strengthens the main evidence or argument, but is not directly connected to it.

Collateral Evidence Synonyms

Some synonyms for collateral evidence include:

  • Supporting (সমর্থন) – Meaning in Bengali
  • Subsidiary (সহায়ক) – Meaning in Bengali
  • Incidental (অপ্রাসঙ্গিক) – Meaning in Bengali
  • Ancillary (সহায়ক) – Meaning in Bengali


Some antonyms for collateral evidence include:

  • প্রাথমিক প্রমাণ (prathmik proman) – Meaning in Bengali
  • মূল প্রমাণ (mool proman) – Meaning in Bengali

Origin of Collateral Evidence

The origin of the term “collateral evidence” can be traced back to the legal field, where it is commonly used to refer to evidence that is indirectly related to a case but still holds relevance.

Nearby Words

Some nearby words related to collateral evidence include:

  • Collateral (noun) – সম্পর্কিত
  • Evidence (noun) – প্রমাণ
  • Supporting (adjective) – সমর্থনকারী
  • Subsidiary (adjective) – সহায়ক

Collateral Evidence in Literature Quotes

“The best collateral evidence is the truth.” – Mark Twain (সেরা সহকারী প্রমাণটি হল সত্য।)

Collateral Evidence Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: সম্পর্কিত প্রমাণ

Hindi: सहायक प्रमाण

Nepali: सहायक प्रमाण

Urdu: متعلقہ ثبوت

Tamil: துணைத்தாய்வு தகவல்

Telugu: సంబంధిత సాక్ష్యాలు

Arabic: دليل ثانوي

Chinese: 附带证据

Japanese: 付随証拠

Russian: Побочное доказательство

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