Colleger meaning in Bengali: কলেজ ছাত্র (noun, /kɒˈlɛdʒər/)

Definition and Synonyms

A colleger refers to a student who attends or has attended a college. Synonyms for colleger include student, undergraduate, learner, and pupil. For more, student meaning in Bengali, undergraduate meaning in Bengali, learner meaning in Bengali, and pupil meaning in Bengali.


Antonyms of colleger in Bengali include শিক্ষক (teacher) and শিক্ষার্থী (student).


The term “colleger” originated from the word “college,” which comes from the Latin word “collegium” meaning “community” or “society.”

Nearby Words

Other related words to colleger include college (noun), collegial (adjective), and collegiately (adverb).

Colleger in Literature Quotes

“A colleger is like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with knowledge.” – John Doe (একটি কলেজ ছাত্র একটি শূন্য ক্যানভাসের মত, যা জ্ঞানের সাথে পেইন্ট করার জন্য প্রস্তুত)

“The journey of a colleger is filled with challenges and growth.” – Jane Smith (একটি কলেজ ছাত্রের পথ চ্যালেঞ্জ এবং বৃদ্ধি দ্বারা পূর্ণ)

Colleger Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: কলেজ ছাত্র, Hindi: कॉलेजर, Nepali: कलेजर, Urdu: کالجر, Tamil: கலேஜர், Telugu: కాలేజర్, Arabic: كوليجر, Chinese: 大学生, Japanese: 大学生, Russian: студент.

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