Collier meaning in Bengali: কলিয়ার, কয়লার, কয়লারকারী (noun, pronunciation: kaw-lee-er)

Definition of Collier

Collier is a noun that refers to a person who works in a coal mine or deals with coal. It can also be used to describe a ship that transports coal.

Collier Synonyms

Collier Antonyms

  • Merchant – বণিক
  • Trader – বাণিজ্যিক
  • Exporter – রপ্তানিকারক
  • Collier meaning in Bengali – বণিক
  • Trader meaning in Bengali – বাণিজ্যিক
  • Exporter meaning in Bengali – রপ্তানিকারক

Origin of Collier

The word “collier” originated from the Middle English word “colier,” which came from the Old English word “col,” meaning coal.

Nearby Words

  • Coal – noun
  • Coalfield – noun
  • Coalition – noun
  • Colliery – noun
  • Collier meaning in Bengali – কয়লা
  • Coalfield meaning in Bengali – কয়লার মাঠ
  • Coalition meaning in Bengali – ইউনান
  • Colliery meaning in Bengali – কয়লার খনি

Collier in Literature Quotes

“The colliers are coming up from the pit.” – Thomas Hardy (কয়লাররা খনিকের থেকে উঠছে।)

“The collier’s face grew dark with anger.” – George Eliot (কয়লারের মুখ রাগে অন্ধকার হয়ে উঠল।)

Collier Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: কলিয়ার
  • Hindi: कोलियर
  • Nepali: कोलियर
  • Urdu: کولیئر
  • Tamil: கொலியர்
  • Telugu: కొలియర్
  • Arabic: الكولير
  • Chinese: 煤炭工人
  • Japanese: 石炭労働者
  • Russian: угольщик

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