Colly meaning in Bengali: কালো, ধূসর, কালোচেহারা (noun, pronunciation: /ˈkɒli/)

Definition of Colly

Colly is a noun that refers to a black substance or soot. It can also be used as a verb meaning to make something black or dirty with soot or coal dust.

Colly Synonyms

Colly Antonyms

  • White – সাদা
  • Clean – পরিষ্কার

Origin of Colly

The word “colly” originated from Middle English and is derived from the Old English word “colig,” meaning black or dark.

Nearby Words

  • Collier (noun) – কয়লার
  • Colliery (noun) – কয়লার খানা
  • Collide (verb) – সংঘটিত হত্তয়া

Colly in Literature Quotes

“The colly night has closed the doors of the horizon.”

– William Shakespeare (কালো রাত আকাশের দরজাগুলি বন্ধ করেছে।)

“The colly smoke rolled slowly from the chimney.”

– Emily Bronte (কালো ধোঁয়া চিমনি থেকে ধীরে ধীরে উঠে আসলো।)

Colly Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: কালো
  • Hindi: काला
  • Nepali: कालो
  • Urdu: کالا
  • Tamil: கருப்பு
  • Telugu: నలుపు
  • Arabic: أسود
  • Chinese: 黑色
  • Japanese: 黒い
  • Russian: черный

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