Colon Meaning in Bengali: বিশেষ চিহ্ন, কোলন, বিভক্তি চিহ্ন (noun, pronunciation: /ˈkəʊlən/)

Definition of Colon

A colon is a punctuation mark consisting of two equally sized dots placed one above the other on the same vertical line. It is used to introduce a list, an explanation, or a quotation.

Colon Synonyms

Colon Antonyms

  • Comma – কমা
  • Period – পূর্ণবিরাম

Origin of Colon

The word “colon” originated from the Latin word “colon” meaning “part of a verse or clause.” It entered the English language in the 15th century.

Nearby Words

  • Comma – noun
  • Semicolon – noun
  • Period – noun

Colon in Literature Quotes

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” – William Shakespeare (হতে বা না হতে: এটি প্রশ্ন।)

“I have a dream: that one day this nation will rise up.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (আমার একটি স্বপ্ন আছে: যে একদিন এই দেশ উঠবে।)

Colon Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: বিশেষ চিহ্ন
  • Hindi: विशेष चिह्न
  • Nepali: विशेष चिन्ह
  • Urdu: خاص نشان
  • Tamil: சிறுகுறியீடு
  • Telugu: విశేష చిహ్నం
  • Arabic: النقطتين
  • Chinese: 冒号
  • Japanese: コロン
  • Russian: двоеточие

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