Comicality meaning in Bengali: হাস্যকরতা, মজারতা, হাস্যপূর্ণতা (noun, /kɒmɪˈkælɪti/)

Definition of Comicality

Comicality refers to the quality or state of being comical or amusing. It is the ability to provoke laughter or amusement through humorous or absurd situations, actions, or remarks.

Synonyms of Comicality

Antonyms of Comicality

  • Seriousness – গম্ভীরতা (noun)
  • Sadness – দুঃখ (noun)
  • Gloom – অন্ধকার (noun)
  • Melancholy – বিষণ্ণতা (noun)
  • Sobriety – সংযম (noun)

Origin of Comicality

The word “comicality” originated from the Latin word “comicus” and the suffix “-ity” which denotes a state or quality.

Nearby Words

  • Comedian – noun
  • Comedy – noun
  • Comically – adverb
  • Comical – adjective
  • Comicalness – noun

Comicality in Literature Quotes

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” – Victor Hugo (হাস্য মানুষের মুখ থেকে শীতকাল দূর করে দেয়।)

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin (হাস্য ছাড়া একদিন অপব্যয় একদিন।)

Comicality Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: হাস্যকরতা
  • Hindi: हास्यपूर्णता
  • Nepali: हास्य
  • Urdu: مزیداری
  • Tamil: காமெடி
  • Telugu: హాస్యం
  • Arabic: فكاهة
  • Chinese: 滑稽
  • Japanese: こっけいさ
  • Russian: комичность

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