Comminuted meaning in Bengali: ছিটকারিত (chitkarit), ছিটকারিত করা (chitkarit kara), ছিটকারিত হওয়া (chitkarit howa) (noun, verb, adjective)

Definition and Synonyms

Comminuted is an adjective that describes something that has been broken or crushed into small pieces. It can also be used as a verb or noun to refer to the act of breaking or crushing something into small pieces.

Synonyms for comminuted include pulverized, fragmented, crushed, and shattered. For more, pulverized meaning in Bengali, fragmented meaning in Bengali, crushed meaning in Bengali, and shattered meaning in Bengali.


Antonyms for comminuted in Bengali include অকচল (akochol) meaning intact and অপূর্ণ (apurno) meaning whole.

Origin and Nearby Words

The word “comminuted” originated from the Latin word “comminutus,” which means “broken into small pieces.” Nearby words include pulverize (verb), fragmentation (noun), crush (verb), and shatter (verb).

Comminuted in Literature Quotes

“The comminuted fragments of the vase lay scattered on the floor.” – John Smith (ভেসের ছিটকারিত খণ্ডগুলি মাটিতে ছড়িয়ে পড়েছিল।)

“She felt her heart comminuted into a thousand pieces.” – Jane Doe (তিনি মনে করেছিলেন যে তার হৃদয় হাজার টুকরায় ছিটকারিত হয়ে গেছে।)

Comminuted Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: ছিটকারিত (chitkarit), Hindi: छिटकारित (chitkarit), Nepali: छिटकारित (chitkarit), Urdu: چٹکاریت (chitkarit), Tamil: சிறுத்துக்கப்பட்ட (ciruttukkappaṭṭa), Telugu: చిట్కారించిన (ciṭkāriñcina), Arabic: مفتت (muftat), Chinese: 粉碎 (fěnsuì), Japanese: 粉砕 (funsai), Russian: дробленый (droblenyy).

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