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Common or Garden Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the term “common or garden” can be translated into several meanings: সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ বিষয়ক (sādhāraṇ bā udbhida biṣayaka), সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ অর্থে (sādhāraṇ bā udbhida arthē), সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ অর্থসহ (sādhāraṇ bā udbhida arthasaha).

Part of Speech & Pronunciation

The term “common or garden” is an adjective and is pronounced as /ˈkɒmən ɔː ˈɡɑːrdn/.

Definition of Common or Garden

Common or garden is an idiomatic expression used to describe something as ordinary, typical, or unremarkable. It implies that the subject is not special or unique in any way.

Common or Garden Synonyms

– Ordinary (সাধারণ) – For more, ordinary meaning in Bengali.
– Average (গড়) – For more, average meaning in Bengali.
– Run-of-the-mill (সাধারণ) – For more, run-of-the-mill meaning in Bengali.
– Everyday (প্রতিদিন) – For more, everyday meaning in Bengali.
– Commonplace (সাধারণ) – For more, commonplace meaning in Bengali.


– Extraordinary (অসাধারণ)
– Exceptional (অসাধারণ)
– Unique (অনন্য)
– Rare (দুর্লভ)
– Uncommon (অস্বাভাবিক)

Origin of Common or Garden

The phrase “common or garden” originated in British English and is believed to have been derived from the idea of a typical, ordinary garden that is not particularly special or remarkable.

Nearby Words

– Common (adjective)
– Garden (noun)

Common or Garden in Literature Quotes

– “He was just a common or garden thief.” – John Smith (সে কেবল একটি সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ চোর ছিলেন।)
– “She had no interest in common or garden affairs.” – Jane Doe (তিনি সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ বিষয়ে কোন আগ্রহ ছিল না।)

Common or Garden Meaning in Different Languages

– Bengali: সাধারণ বা উদ্ভিদ বিষয়ক
– Hindi: सामान्य या उद्यान
– Nepali: साधारण वा उद्यान
– Urdu: عام یا باغ
– Tamil: பொது அல்லது தோட்டம்
– Telugu: సాధారణ లేదా గార్డెన్
– Arabic: عادي أو حديقة
– Chinese: 普通或花园
– Japanese: 一般的または庭園
– Russian: обычный или сад

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