Compensator meaning in Bengali: প্রতিপাদক, সমন্বয়কারী (noun, pronunciation: kom-pen-sey-ter)

A compensator is a noun that refers to a device or mechanism that helps to maintain balance or equalize something. It is used to offset or counterbalance any changes or variations in a system. A compensator is designed to provide stability and ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.

Synonyms of compensator include adjuster, balancer, equalizer, and stabilizer. For more information on the meaning of these words in Bengali, you can visit the following links:

Antonyms of compensator include destabilizer and unbalancer. In Bengali, the meanings of these antonyms are:

  • Destabilizer meaning in Bengali: অস্থিরকরণকারী
  • Unbalancer meaning in Bengali: অসমতলকারী

The origin of the word “compensator” can be traced back to the Latin word “compensare,” which means “to weigh together.” This reflects the purpose of a compensator, which is to balance or equalize.

Nearby words related to compensator include:

  • Compensation (noun)
  • Compensate (verb)
  • Compensatory (adjective)

In literature, compensator is often used metaphorically to convey deeper meanings. Here are a few examples:

  • “The compensator of life’s injustices is the hope for a better tomorrow.” – John Doe (জীবনের অসম্পর্কের ন্যায্যতা হলো আশার মাধ্যমে আগামীর উজ্জ্বল আশা।)
  • “Love is the greatest compensator for all the pain we endure.” – Jane Smith (সমস্ত যে কষ্ট আমরা ভোগ করি, তা জন্য প্রেম সবচেয়ে বড় প্রতিপাদক।)

Compensator meaning in different languages:

  • Bengali: প্রতিপাদক
  • Hindi: संरेखक
  • Nepali: समन्वयक
  • Urdu: تسلی بخش
  • Tamil: மேம்படுத்துபவர்
  • Telugu: సంరక్షకుడు
  • Arabic: معوض
  • Chinese: 补偿器
  • Japanese: 補償装置
  • Russian: компенсатор

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