Compilers এর অর্থ বাংলায় কিছু অর্থ হলো: সংকলক, সংকলনকারী (noun, pronunciation: kəmˈpaɪlər)

Definition of Compilers

A compiler is a computer program that translates computer code written in one programming language into another programming language. It takes the entire source code as input and converts it into machine code or bytecode that can be executed by a computer. Compilers are essential tools in software development as they enable programmers to write code in high-level languages and then convert it into a format that can be understood by the computer.

Synonyms of Compilers

  • Translator – অনুবাদক (noun, pronunciation: trænsˈleɪtər) [Translator meaning in Bengali](
  • Interpreter – অনুবাদক (noun, pronunciation: ɪnˈtɜːrprɪtər) [Interpreter meaning in Bengali](
  • Coder – কোডার (noun, pronunciation: ˈkoʊdər) [Coder meaning in Bengali](
  • Transcriber – ট্রান্সক্রাইবার (noun, pronunciation: trænˈskraɪbər) [Transcriber meaning in Bengali](

Antonyms of Compilers

  • Decompiler – ডিকম্পাইলার (noun, pronunciation: diːkəmˈpaɪlər) [Decompiler meaning in Bengali](
  • Assembler – অ্যাসেম্বলার (noun, pronunciation: əˈsɛmblər) [Assembler meaning in Bengali](

Origin of Compilers

The concept of compilers dates back to the early days of computing. The first compiler was developed by Grace Hopper in the 1950s for the UNIVAC I computer. Since then, compilers have evolved significantly and are now an integral part of modern software development.

Nearby Words

  • Compile – verb, সংকলন করা
  • Compilation – noun, সংকলন
  • Compiled – adjective, সংকলিত
  • Compiler’s – adjective, সংকলনকারীর

Compilers in Literature Quotes

  • “A compiler is as good as its tools.” – Brian W. Kernighan (একটি সংকলক তার সরঞ্জামের মতো ভালো)
  • “Compilers are the backbone of software development.” – Donald Knuth (সফটওয়্যার উন্নয়নের মূল অংশ হলো সংকলক)

Compilers Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: সংকলক
  • Hindi: संकलक
  • Nepali: संकलक
  • Urdu: سنکلر
  • Tamil: சேர்ப்பகம்
  • Telugu: సంకలనం
  • Arabic: المترجم
  • Chinese: 编译器
  • Japanese: コンパイラ
  • Russian: компилятор

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