Complainants Meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারীরা, অভিযোগকারীদের (noun, /kəmˈpleɪnənts/)

Definition: Complainants refer to individuals or parties who make a formal accusation or bring a legal claim against someone or something. They are the ones who file complaints or grievances, seeking redress or resolution for a perceived wrongdoing or injustice.

Synonyms for Complainants:

  • Plaintiff meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারী
  • Suer meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারী
  • Prosecutor meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারী
  • Complainant meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারী

Antonyms for Complainants:

  • Defendant meaning in Bengali: প্রতিবাদী
  • Accused meaning in Bengali: অভিযুক্ত

Origin of Complainants:

The word “complainants” originated from the verb “complain,” which comes from the Old French word “complaindre” and the Latin word “complangere,” meaning “to lament or bewail.”

Nearby Words for Complainants:

  • Complain meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগ করা (verb)
  • Complaint meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগ (noun)
  • Complainer meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগকারী (noun)
  • Complaining meaning in Bengali: অভিযোগপূর্ণ (adjective)

Complainants in Literature Quotes:

  • “The complainants are always in the wrong.” – Jane Austen (অভিযোগকারীরা সর্বদা ভুল করে থাকে।)
  • “The complainants are those who have been wronged.” – William Shakespeare (অভিযোগকারীরা সেগুলো যারা অন্যায় হয়েছে।)

Complainants Meaning in Different Languages:

  • Bengali: অভিযোগকারীরা
  • Hindi: शिकायतकर्ता
  • Nepali: दुष्प्रवृत्ति
  • Urdu: شکایت کرنے والے
  • Tamil: புகழ்பெற்றவர்கள்
  • Telugu: పేరుతోనే ప్రతిష్టించబడేవారు
  • Arabic: مشتكين
  • Chinese: 抱怨者
  • Japanese: 苦情者
  • Russian: жалобщики

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