Complicate Meaning in Bengali (জটিল অর্থ) – জটিল, সংকীর্ণ, জাটিল্য, জটিলকর, জটিলতা (adjective, pronunciation: kom-pli-keyt)

Definition: Complicate refers to something that is difficult to understand or deal with because it has many parts or details. It can also mean to make something more difficult or confusing by adding more details or complications.

Synonyms of Complicate:
1. Complex (জটিল) – Complex meaning in Bengali
2. Intricate (জটিল) – Intricate meaning in Bengali
3. Involved (জটিল) – Involved meaning in Bengali
4. Elaborate (বিস্তৃত) – Elaborate meaning in Bengali
5. Difficult (কঠিন) – Difficult meaning in Bengali

Antonyms of Complicate:
1. Simplify (সহজ করা) – সহজ করা অর্থ
2. Uncomplicate (সহজ করা) – সহজ করা অর্থ

Origin of Complicate: The word “complicate” originated from the Latin word “complicatus,” which means “folded together” or “entwined.”

Nearby words:
1. Complication (noun) – জটিলতা
2. Complicatedly (adverb) – জটিলভাবে
3. Complicatedness (noun) – জটিলতা
4. Complicately (adverb) – জটিলভাবে
5. Complicateness (noun) – জটিলতা

Complicate in Literature Quotes with Bengali Meaning:
1. “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius (জীবন সত্যিই সহজ, কিন্তু আমরা জটিল করতে চাই)
2. “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” – Oscar Wilde (সত্য বহুবিধ হয় এবং কখনও সহজ নয়)

Complicate Meaning in Different Languages:
Bengali: জটিল
Hindi: जटिल
Nepali: जटिल
Urdu: پیچیدہ
Tamil: சிக்கலான
Telugu: జటిలమైన
Arabic: معقد
Chinese: 复杂
Japanese: 複雑
Russian: сложный

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