Compositor meaning in Bengali: কম্পোজিটর, সংকলক, সংকলককারী (noun, pronunciation: kɒmpəˈzɪtər)

Definition and Synonyms

A compositor is a person who sets type and arranges it for printing. They assemble individual pieces of type into lines and pages to create printed materials. Synonyms for compositor include typesetter, typescripter, and printer. For more, typesetter meaning in Bengali, typescripter meaning in Bengali, and printer meaning in Bengali.


Antonyms of compositor in Bengali include লেখক (writer) and রচয়িতা (author).

Origin and Nearby Words

The word “compositor” originated from the Latin word “compositus,” meaning “put together.” Nearby words include printer, publisher, editor, and proofreader.

Compositor in Literature Quotes

“The compositor’s job is to make the printed page look beautiful.” – William Morris (কম্পোজিটরের কাজ হল মুদ্রিত পৃষ্ঠাটি সুন্দর দেখতে সাহায্য করা।)

“The compositor is the unsung hero of the printing industry.” – Anonymous (কম্পোজিটর ছাপাখানার অপ্রশংসিত নায়ক।)

Compositor Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: কম্পোজিটর, Hindi: संयोजक, Nepali: संयोजक, Urdu: مرتب کرنے والا, Tamil: சேர்க்கையாளர், Telugu: సంకలనంచేసేవాడు, Arabic: ملحق, Chinese: 排字工, Japanese: 組版工, Russian: верстальщик. To see more, link up with,,, and

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